Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Job Posting

Eating Disorder Specialist

  • Conducts group therapy in eating disorders, self-image, family systems, relationships.
  • Provides individual counseling as needed to meet the resident’s treatment goals.
  • Maintains timely, accurate and thorough clinical records and documentation.
  • Provides ED assessments if needed.
  • Provides and monitors eating disorder support plans to assist in residents progress and safety.
  • Establishes therapeutic relationshipswith residents thatsupport the treatment         plan.
  • Provides education to resident’s support system through Family and Friends Meal Support Training.
  • Provides training and role models to staff meal support expectation and support.
  • Provides meal support to the residents during the meal and snack times including exposure therapy sessions.
  • Collaborates with treatment team (dietitians, primary therapists and others) to help residents in interventions regarding ED denial, etc.).
  • Builds relationships with OA and other 12 step community.
  • Participates in mental health awareness weeks in planning and attendance.
  • Participates in curriculum development.
  • Attends required supervision with the program coordinator.
  • Monitors and records residents’ progress with respect to individualized treatment goals.
  • Recognizes the precursors of a potential crisis and unsafe resident behavior, and intervenes to de-escalate residents, utilizing the least restrictive yet therapeutic means of intervention. Implements restraint as a last resort to prevent harm to resident or others.
  • Completes all required documentation according to policies and procedures.
  • Facilitates active resident and family participation in the treatment process.
  • Reviews resident and staff satisfaction surveys, customer complaints and the results of monitoring standards. Initiates corrective action as indicated and monitors identified quality improvement.
  • Completes all responsibilities as assigned by supervisory personnel.
  • Attends and participates in regularly scheduled staff meetings.
  • May transport residents to appointments, activities and outings.
  • Participates in Quality Improvement activities.
  • Master’s Degree or equivalent in Human Services with licensure required
  • CEDS preferred and/or eating disorder experience preferred
  • Experience providing mental health and/or substance abuse treatment services
  • Demonstrated skill in Eating Disorders, 12-Step and Family Systems Recovery Models with Adolescent and Young Adult Women clients.
  • Knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, personality, and interests; learning and motivation; behavioral therapy methods; the assessment and treatment of behavioral disorders; and familiarity with the principles of 12-step recovery
  • Demonstrates knowledge of eating disorders, chemical dependency and other DSM-IV-TR Diagnoses and demonstrates competency in providing and implementing resident care.
  • Knowledge of group behavior and dynamics
  • Basic Knowledge of licensing and accreditation standards (JCAHO, Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities Code, DCFS)
  • Skilled in communicating ideas and instructions, verbally and in writing, clearly and concisely
  • Demonstrates knowledge of residential policies and procedures
  • Attends in-service education to develop knowledge and skills in addictions, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders
  • Completes all orientation and cross training modules
  • Completes initial and annual competency requirements
  • Required to sit, stand, bend, stoop, walk, climb stairs and drive possibly for extended periods.
  • Must possess the ability to provide physical restraint to the residents.
  • Must have visual, hearing and learning capabilities necessary to perform the essential functions described above.
  • Work is performed on AM, PM and weekends with consultation to overnight shifts and weekends.
  • Work is performed in the residential setting and activities or facilities in the community.
  • Duties involve contact with residents that may be threatening, aggressive, suicidal, and/or under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • Requires flexibility in scheduling and travel including occasional overnight travel