Thursday, July 20, 2017

Now Hiring for Graduate SI Assistant

Before I was the Assistant Director of Supplemental Instruction (SI), I was a graduate student at DePaul studying Counseling-College Student Development and working as the Graduate SI Assistant for about 3 years. This probably already tells you how much I enjoy and appreciate the work I did and continue to do.

The Graduate SI Assistant position is a valuable and rewarding professional development opportunity that enhances your leadership skills while helping students succeed in their educational goals. It is also flexible and works well with your commitments as a student. One of my favorite aspects of this position is the contribution you make to student learning and development and the meaningful connections you create along the way.

We are seeking a graduate student who has previous experience supervising and mentoring. This position is ideal for those pursuing degrees related to education, leadership, and college student development. For more details, log in to Campus Job Board and search "Graduate Supplemental Instruction Assistant". You are welcome to email me with questions.


Sara Hernandez
Assistant Director for Supplemental Instruction | DePaul University |

SI aims to help students successfully complete historically difficult classes through peer-assisted study sessions. When students attend an SI session they can expect to find an informal environment where they help each other review notes, predict questions, discuss readings, and develop organizational strategies with the assistance of an SI Leader.