Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 Week 4 SP Q

Spring Quarter, Week 4, April 22-26

Dr. Mason would like to thank all of the School Counseling students who attended the ISCA conference in Skokie last Friday as well as Dr. Ockerman and Dr. Novakovic for also being there. DePaul was WELL represented with current students and alums! Congratulations to our very own Megan Kelly who won an ISCA Graduate Student award and to these students who presented at the conference: 

Samer Abdallah
Brooke Benitone
Lauren Bollini 
Danielle DePotter
 Kato Hinden
Megan Kelly
Kitty Long Muto
Andrea Nodzenski

  • On your journey to becoming a professional counselor, it is crucial to take advantage of as many counseling experiences as possible to prepare, network, and advance your career.  Please see the volunteer opportunity below.
    *Open Studio Project*
    903 Sherman Avenue
    Evanston, IL 60202
    Contact: Janet Beals Orejudos, Executive Director
    847 475-0390
    Website Link:

    These workshops are group processes that include process art making followed 
    by stream of consciousness writing -- not exactly therapy, but very therapeutic. This organization works with disadvantaged populations of adults and teens (homeless, domestic violence, drug-free teens, special kids, etc), and adults and kids who are career changing, wanting to bring art back into their lives, etc. 
  • Please sign up for Vincentian Service Day 2013! This event will be held Saturday, May 4th. Vincentian Service Day is an excellent way for counseling students to advocate and interact with diverse neighborhoods. Please also attend the Peace Festival on the Quad that immediately follows the day's events. To register, please email 

  • The New Student Programs and College Advising Center at Columbia College Chicago is looking for applicants from the CSL graduate program to assist in New Student Orientation at Columbia College Chicago. Attached are the position descriptions.  They want to hire three Graduate Assistants with one of them focusing solely on our Distance Orientation program. The deadline is May 1st and they only have one applicant from DePaul thus far. Last year, DePaul interns worked there and it would be great to continue this trend, not to mention the added bonus of counseling experiences for students! There is a $1,500 stipend included and they would work June 13th - Aug. 26th. Information is provided below: 
  • The Department of Educational Policy Studies and Research is sponsoring a panel discussion:  SCHOOL CLOSINGS IN CHICAGO – THE IMPACT ON CHILDREN AND COMMUNITIES. Wednesday, May 15th from 5:30 to 7:30 in SAC 154. Please click the link below for more details:

  • New course section for CSL 489: Psychopathology this Summer, register now!
  • New course section for CSL 520: Children and Adolescents this Summer, register now!
  • New course section for CSL 511: Supervision this Summer. Dates it will meet are June 29 and July 13: 9:00-12:45. Register now!

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