Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014, Spring Q, Week 6

Job Opportunities

Steve & Kate's Camp Director

Steve & Kate's Camp is looking for people with a background & deep interest in education who have the skills necessary to lead a team to be Directors at our Lincoln Park and Lakeview locations. Steve & Kate’s Camp provides self-directed learning opportunities for campers to follow their own interests and develop their passions. This would allow students first-hand knowledge and experience with alternative education models while furthering their professional growth.

Interested applicants can apply here:

Housing Facilities Graduate Supervisor

DePaul University Housing Services is looking to hire three Graduate Supervisors who are interested in working with student employees in our front desk security operation. We are looking for a strong team of three graduate supervisors to help lend additional support and student development to our group of student supervisors. 
The position is posted now on the campus job board through the Office of Student Employment and will remain open until we find the best candidates for the opportunities.  We are looking to hire three (3) graduate students in total.  The pay is $12.00 per hour and we are offering 12-15 hours per grad to start with the potential to increase hours in the future as the program grows.

Department of Modern Languages Student Assistant

The Department of Modern Languages is looking for a graduate Student Assistant for our reception desk area to be responsible for basic office duties (i.e. light typing, filing, answering phones, etc.), providing customer service, assisting department staff, and other duties as assigned; some work experience is preferred. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply to this position.

Interested applicants can apply via the campus job board.

Cyberbullying and Cyber-Integrity Seminar

Maryville Academy is holding a seminar for staff on cyberbullying. The executive director, Sister Catherine Ryan, OSF, would like to extend the invitation to faculty and students. Parents and counselors are welcome to attend. There is no cost for the seminar.