Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Registration Is Almost Here!

Registration begins Monday, October 19th. You can find general information about registration on DePaul's website here. Below are some tips for registering from the CSL program:

1. Suggested Program Sequence Sheets: In the CSL program you do not need to meet with an advisor to register for courses. We have created several suggested program sequences for each concentration that help you know which courses to take each quarter. You can find these in the LiveBinder here - just click to your concentration.

2. Your Enrollment Day and Time: Pay attention to the day and time DePaul sends you to register and act as soon as possible. Don't delay or you may lose out on courses that you need.

3. Course Cart: Using the course cart before registration can help you save time during registration. Determine the courses you need, put them in the cart and then when it is time to register, you'll be all set to go.

4. Waitlists: If you can't get into a course you need, it is critical that you put yourself on the waitlist. Waitlists are used by the department to determine whether or not to open additional sections of courses. If your name is not on the waitlist, we don't know you need the course!

5. Course changes: Sometimes all the details of courses such as instructors or face to face meeting dates are not finalized by registration time or changes need to be made to a course. As these details are finalized by the department or changes are made, you will be notified of those that impact you as a student.

6. Group Advising for New Students: All new students are required to attend a group advising session during their first quarter. This is NOT required for registration but it is required before you meet with an advisor so that you have foundational knowledge about the program. You may still register for courses without attending the group advising session.

7. Advising: CSL advisors are available for returning program students or those new students who have attended a group advising session. Contact your advisor with questions about internship planning, general inquiries about the field or anything that is specific to your program needs.

For any general questions related to registration, please contact the department assistant, Marc Pedroso at mpedroso@depaul.edu.