Tuesday, September 11, 2012

E-Portfolio is BACK!

E-portfolio is an initiative within the COE to provide students with a free tool for them to document their progress and work in their programs, as well as once they are in the field; part resume, part scrapbook, part journal. The following orientation is offered for any student who is interested in learning more about e-portfolios and you are welcome to attend all or some of the orientation depending upon your class schedule.

E-portfolio is open to any CSL student, new or returning. Students with e-portfolios will have access to their accounts after leaving DePaul. E-portfolio is not currently tied to grades in any CSL courses but in some cases may be utilized as a format for assignments with the approval of the instructor. If you are interested in being a part of the CSL e-portfolio group, please email Dr. Mason at emason5@depaul.edu and plan to attend this orientation.

Previously interested students should also email Dr. Mason to confirm continued interest.

Monday, September 10, 2012

CSLNews: Welcome to a New Academic Year!

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Academic Year! This communication will highlight some important information for ALL CSL students, new and returning. Concentration-specific communications are forthcoming.

1. Updated Advising Model: Advising in CSL is done by program faculty and not done through the COE Academic Advising office. Familiarize yourself with our advising model by reading the following previous post on this topic. This updated model includes an electronic form for all students to complete when they have course registration problems, questions about long range career planning, internship, etc. ALL advising concerns and requests should be documented in this form so that we can track your needs and respond to them in the best possible way.

2. New CSLNews Communications: CSLNews has traditionally gone out by email several times each quarter. While we will continue to use email for the Fall quarter, we are asking ALL students to transition to keeping up to date with CSLNews via some new means: Facebook and/or Twitter. These two accounts are linked together so you will see consistent information on both. Why the change? Keeping up with students' emails has proved challenging over the years as students transition into and out of the program. By getting CSLNews on Facebook and/or Twitter, we are putting the responsibility on you as students to make sure you are up to date, PLUS you will get more information more frequently, more efficiently and be able to continue getting CSLNews info as an alum if you so choose. We have added student "content managers" for each concentration so not only will you get info from faculty but you can also get info from peers about events, trainings, etc.. We hope it will also be a place that CSL alums will share information about job opportunities! Start by liking the FB page or following on Twitter TODAY.

3. New Student Handbook: As a means of communicating to all students about the various phases and elements of the CSL program, we have compiled the CSL Student Handbook. This handbook is for ALL students and is in an online platform called LiveBinders so that it can be easily updated.

4. New Faculty and Students! A big warm welcome to all of our new students starting in the CSL program this quarter! Make sure to ask your faculty and peers for help as you transition to graduate school. And plan to attend the open advising/networking sessions coming up on Sept. 27th and/or Oct. 9th. Stay tuned to CSLNews for more information about these in the near future.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Philip Gnilka to CSL. Please show him how great DePaul is and how wonderful CSL students are! Dr. Gnilka comes to us from Kent State Univeristy in Ohio where he was an Assistant Professor for the last two years. He is originally from North Carolina and received his Ph.D. in Counselor Education from Georgia State University. He had a previous career on Wallstreet and has worked as a counselor in a variety of community-based settings. He will be teaching our Testing and Appraisal (461) and Psychopathology (489) courses. Welcome to Chicago and to DePaul, Dr. Gnilka!

We also have some new adjunct professors joining us: Laura Hosto (451) Jessica Coors (458), Marv Leavitt (514), Melissa O'Neill (CC internship supervisor), Dustin Seeman (SC internship supervisor), Monique Billings (SC internship supervisor) and Sandra Gilbert (SC internship supervisor).

5. Faculty on Leave: Drs. Whitney (CSD) and Novakovic (SC) are both on research leave this quarter so you will not see them on campus. We will welcome them back at the start of the Winter quarter. You may find they are not responding to emails for this reason so please contact other faculty if you need help during the Fall.