Thursday, September 25, 2014

Collaboraction Theatre Presents "Forgotten Future: The Education Project"

Collaboraction Theatre Company tackles the vast controversies surrounding schools and children today in thier newest piece,
Forgotten Future: The Education Project.

Check out their website for more details:
A behind-the-scenes look at Collaboraction's new piece, its mission, and the players:

Forgotten Future runs from September 18th to October 26th at: 
Collaboraction, Room 300, Flat Iron Arts Building
1579 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Tickets are $15 for students with a valid student ID. Don't miss this incredible opportunity!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

*New Clincal Mental Health Counseling Concentration Informational Meeting*

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Community Counseling Concentration and Clinical Mental Health Counseling Concentration
With Dr. Philip Gnilka (Assistant Professor) and Nancy Hashimoto (Director of Academic Advising)

Please stop by and have your questions answered about the new Clinical Mental Health Counseling Concentration. If you want specific questions answered (and if there is time), please bring an unofficial transcript (we will not have access in the meeting) that details which courses you have taken.
Monday October 6th from 4pm-5pm
Tuesday October 7th from 4pm-5pm
Both meetings will be held in COE Room 247

Monday, September 22, 2014

COE Fall Educational Issues Forum!

Wednesday, October 22nd from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Student Center 314

An opportunity to hear the perspectives of local principles on:
• effective principal leadership and best practices for teaching & learning
• the impact of district and national education policies on their schools
• how principals can effectively advocate for policies that promote best practices


                Michael Beyer, Principal, Morrill Elementary School

                Troy LaRaviere, Principal, Blaine Elementary School

                Rita Raichoudhuri, Principal, Wells Community Academy H.S.

                Tamara Witzl, Principal, Telpochcalli Elementary School

Moderator: Andrea Kaufman, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership.

 Teachers can receive 2 CPDUs. For more information and to R.S.V.P., contact  Diane Horwitz at

The articles below provide some insight on our esteemed panelists:
The trials of a neighborhood high school by Steve Bogira, Chicago Reader. A discussion of Wells Community Academy.

Creating a School for a Community:  A conversation with Tamara Witzl, by Gabrielle H. Lyon.  From A Simple Justice: The Challenge of Small Schools. Edited by Ayers W., Klonsky, M, Lyon, G.

Michie, Greg. Another Path is Possible. From Pencils Down, Rethinking Schools.

A proposal to give school principals a voice by Michael Beyer, Catalyst Chicago.

CPS principals: The voice you've been waiting for by Troy LaRaviere, Catalyst Chicago.

We Charge Genocide Event

We Charge Genocide/2014
October 5th at 5pm
Bill Ayers/Bernardine Dohrn
1329 E. 50th St.
Come and meet the youth of: We Charge Genocide!

We Charge Genocide is a grassroots, intergenerational effort to center and amplify the voices of young people most impacted by police violence in Chicago. The group focuses on documenting youth experiences with the Chicago Police Department, and engages in popular education about police abuses and youth-driven solutions/alternatives to policing.

The name "We Charge Genocide" comes from a petition filed to the United Nations in 1951, which documented 153 racial killings and other human rights abuses committed mostly by the police against African-Americans. We Charge Genocide has documented the same patterns today: ongoing violence used by the police to silence, isolate, control, and repress low-income people and people of color in particular.

We are Chicago residents concerned that the epidemic of police violence continues uninterrupted in our city. We seek to address this tradition of violence by offering a vehicle for needed organizing and social transformation.

This November the United Nations Committee against Torture will hold its semi-annual session in Geneva, Switzerland.

We Charge Genocide authored a report documenting Chicago police violence against youth of color to present at this gathering. We are helping to send a Chicago youth delegation to Geneva representing the Black and Brown young people of Chicago who experience the daily reality of police violence in this city. As poets, educators, organizers, and activists who call Chicago home, this delegation will present a strong, convincing case that CPD's ongoing history of police brutality, code of silence regarding abuse and murder, and continued practice of physical and psychological harassment of young people of color amounts to torture.

We Charge Genocide's report, combined with the personal narratives of this delegation, has the potential to generate substantive pressure on the Chicago Police Department as well as building a movement against white supremacy and for real change.

JOIN US on October 5 at 5 pm!