Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Counseling Internship Opportunity for Graduate Students


Kellstadt Career Management Center

Counseling Internship Opportunity for Graduate Students

Overview of Internship Site:

The Kellstadt Career Management Center (CMC) is dedicated to providing career support to students and alumni of the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business (KGSB).  Programs include: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Accountancy (MACC), Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA), Master of Science in Computational Finance (MSCF), Master of Science in Economics and Policy Analysis (MS-EPA), Master of Science in Entrepreneurship (MSE), Master of Science in Finance (MSF), Master of Science in Hospitality Leadership and Operational Performance (MSHLOP), Master of Science in Human Resources (MSHR), Master of Science in Marketing (MSM), Master of Science in Marketing Analysis (MSMA), Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE), Master of Science in Sustainable Management (MSSM), Master of Science in Taxation (MST), Master of Science in Wealth Management (MSWM).

Services include: One-on-one coaching appointments to develop a career focus, resume and correspondence reviews, creating a job search strategy, networking tips and contacts, mock interviews, salary negotiations, and internship/job opportunities through online databases.
            Programs offered: Career related curriculum done in small and large group settings
            Events: Career fairs, company presentations, networking opportunities and company visits

An internship at the CMC offers an educational opportunity to graduate students who are interested in career services and higher education.  This opportunity is designed to give students broad and comprehensive exposure to all aspects of career services as well as in-depth experience in career counseling.

Intern Responsibilities

The student will have a primary focus on the international student population of KGSB.  International students make-up a high percentage of KGSB programs with an average of 0-3 years work experience.  He/she will learn from the CMC staff about how the center currently supports this population.  It will be encouraged that the intern get involved with the many DePaul channels that work with international students; such as (but not limited to) attending Kellstadt International Student Advisory board meetings, conducting informational interviews with the Office of International Student Services and Academic Services, and participating in Chicagoland International Student Employment Initiative (ISEI) meetings.  The intern will take initiative, assess needs and implement possible solutions for how to best assist international students.  The solutions can be done through one-on-one student appointments, small/large group programming, etc. and will come with the guidance of the CMC staff. 


Intern is requested to participate in the following:
1.    Meet with CMC staff members (Director, Career Specialists, Recruiting Specialists and office manager) to become oriented to each primary career service function.
2.    Shadow specialists to observe student interaction.
3.    Become familiar with workshop and outreach subjects and content.
4.    Participate in staff meetings.
5.    Become knowledgeable about key career resources and technology used in career services.
6.    Meet with supervisor (s) to discuss internship experience and professional practice issues.
7.    Support and assist with special events (workshop series, career fairs, company presentations, etc.).

Student Contact

An essential component of the internship is direct involvement with students.  After training and when the intern feels comfortable, he/she will be expected to provide direct services to students.
1.    Provide walk-in hours for international students, these will be brief (10-15 minutes) sessions to assist with career-related topics.
2.    Counsel students through the career development process in one-on-one appointments (1/2 hour).
3.    Conduct roundtable sessions (4-5 students total) on CMC services.
4.    Critique student’s resumes and job search correspondence.
5.    Conduct workshops on selected career topics.
6.    Develop and present workshops on specific career - related topics based on needs assessment of international population.
7.    Conduct mock employment interviews with international students and provide constructive feedback.
8.    Create blog posts or newsletters to assist students with career-related questions/concerns.

Programs and Workshops

Workshops and career fairs make-up a large role in most career services offices.  Given the diverse student/alumni composition of the KGSB, the CMC has several signature workshop series that cover career related topics such as: self-assessment, library resources, resume, correspondence, networking, elevator pitch, personal branding, interviewing, business etiquette and negotiation.  The CMC offers Kellstadt only career fairs which provide a networking opportunity between recruiting firms and prospective students and alumni.  These are just two examples of the many events that are offered to the KGSB population and the intern must be willing to participate and support the CMC in order to best learn about higher education programming.  It is requested that the intern  be flexible with their availability as a majority of CMC events occur in the evening.
1.    The intern will design and implement a workshop(s) of choice during their internship.  This may be in conjunction with an already planned workshop or be an entirely new topic of the intern’s choosing.

Professional Development

The CMC is a huge supporter of professional development.  Career professionals must continually learn to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date.  It is strongly encouraged that the intern explores areas of DePaul to help with their growth as a counselor. Suggestions will be discussed with the intern supervisor (s) throughout the internship. 

Employer Relations

While not a primary responsibility, there may be opportunities for the intern to assist with employer relation responsibilities.
1.    Become an expert in KGSB’s e-Recruiting system – post and approve jobs, collect and analyze system data, contact employers about partnering with the Kellstadt CMC.
2.    Assist Recruiting Specialists with greeting employer visits to campus.
3.    Perform assigned duties at career fairs and other employer-related events.
4.    Attend company visits with Specialists.

5.    Sit-in and participate in Employer Relations meetings to discuss strategy.