Monday, August 3, 2015

Fall 2015 Low Enrolled Courses

Greetings from CSLNews! Fall quarter is a little over a month away so it is time to update you on our low enrolled courses. When courses have low enrollment they are in danger of being cancelled. Please make sure that you are registered for any of the courses below that you need to ensure the greatest chance of them running.

CSL 458: Group Counseling on M from 5:30-8:45
CSL 467: Counseling Theories on M from 5:30-8:45
CSL 482: Special Topics in Counseling on M from 5:30-8:45 (this course requires permission from Dr. Tovar-Murray)
CSL 489: Psychopathology on T from 5:30-8:45
CSL 501: Counseling Skills on TH from 5:30-8:45
CSL 510: Multicultural Counseling on T from 6:00-9:15

If you need to speak to an advisor, please contact the following based on your concentration:

CMH: Nancy Hashimoto (
CSD: Fr. Pat McDevitt    (
SCH: Dr. Tovar-Murray   (