Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Updates on 2015 Summer and Fall Courses

Outlined below are some updates related to 2015 courses for the upcoming Summer and Fall. Please see your advisor if you have questions.

Summer 2015

Low enrollment courses: CSL 467 Theories, CSL 501 Counseling Skills, CSL 510 Multicultural Counseling. Please enroll in these courses soon so that they are not cancelled. These courses are needed by 1st year students so those who began the program in Winter or Spring are the most likely candidates.

CSL 552 ECC Practicum. This course currently has low enrollment and is open to any CMH student who will be starting at an internship site in the Fall. This course can replace the practicum course in the Fall, allowing you to start at your site with hours already accrued. Please contact Dr. Novakovic (anovakov@depaul.edu) by Friday, May 29th if you wish to take this course.

Fall 2015

New course: CSL 482 Special Topics in Counseling.

This course is offered to any CSL student. It is highly encouraged for all CMH students and it will eventually be required. This course can be an elective for Community, CMH or CSD. The best way to think of this course is as "Advanced Skills" so CSL 501 Counseling Skills is a prerequisite. You will serve real clients in the ECC and receive supervision. The instructor will review core concepts you’ve had in previous courses, help you translate those concepts into the clinical setting and expose you to various “special topics” such as theoretical models and techniques. We are delighted that Dr. Tovar-Murray will be designing the course and teaching it next year. CSL 482 is on the schedule for Fall but not accessible by students. The course is currently scheduled for Mondays from 5:30-8:45. If you wish to take this course in the Fall, contact Dr. Mason (emason5@depaul.edu) with your student ID and you will be manually enrolled.

CSL 489: Psychopathology

To more evenly distribute the offerings of CSL 489, we plan to offer a section this Fall, Winter and Spring. Students who have met the prerequisites may enroll in this course. Please allow a few days for the course to appear in the schedule before attempting to register.