Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Working for the Common Good

Working for the Common Good 
Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 5-7pm, Lincoln Park Student Center, 120AB 

Sneak Peek of Event! 

Program Overview 
Specifically, this event will provide opportunities to: 

  •  Participate in roundtable discussions ranging in topics from community outreach, program development, advocacy, research, school counseling, and more! 
  • Visit “Open House” tables featuring various social service settings to learn about work cultures, understanding the range of entry to seasoned roles, and key competencies needed 
  • Network with fellow DePaul alumni about best practices, trends, and marketability 
Program Agenda 

4:35-4:45pm Check-in for Students, Alumni, and Professional guests 
5-5:05pm Welcome Remarks 
5:05-6:30pm Topic Roundtables

  • Meet with professionals regarding key topics and trends in social service 
6:30pm-7:00pm Open House Tables 

  • Visit organization tables to learn about missions, path, and what roles for entry level professionals and master level candidates can look like 
  • Meet with information tables for graduate programs and other resources 
7:00pm Conclusion of event 

Topic Roundtables: 

  •  Behind the Scenes – Grant Writing, Development, and Research 
  •  Counseling and Support through a Feminist Lens 
  •  Impacting Students in Higher Education Settings 
  •  Management and Administration 
  •  Mentoring for a Living – Professional Roles in Mentoring 
  •  Self-Care: Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others 
  •  Service Roles in Government, Hospitals, and For-Profit Settings 
  •  Service through Conflict Resolution, Advocacy, and Social Justice 
  •  Social Service with an International Focus 
  •  Starting Points: Social Service Roles with a Bachelor Degree 
  •  The Collective Voice – Collaborations among Educators and Counselors 
  •  The Role of Crisis Intervention 
  •  Trends and Hot Topics in School Counseling 
  •  Understanding Credentials and the Licensure Process 

Sneak Peek Highlights of Professionals Participating (Over 30 Professionals Participating!) 

  •  Assistant Director, TRIO Services, DePaul University 
  •  BAM Mentor Founder and Training Manager, Youth Guidance 
  •  Case Manager and Resident Counselor, Heartland Alliance 
  •  Restorative Justice Specialist, Alternatives 
  •  Child and Adolescent Community Support Worker, Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) 
  •  Director of Outreach, Instraspectrum Counseling 
  •  Outreach Coordinator, Illinois Secretary of State 
  •  Manager of Individual and Major Gifts, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago 
  •  School Counselors, Lane Tech, Jones College Prep, and North Lawndale College Prep 
  •  Senior Program Officer, McCormick Foundation 

Sneak Peek of Organizations Featured for Open House Information Tables: 
Organization Tables 

  •  Alternatives 
  •  Apna Ghar 
  •  Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) 
  •  The Boys and Girls Club of Chicago 
  •  Heartland Alliance 
  •  Instraspecturm Counseling 
  •  Lane Technical High School 
  •  Life Goes On – Illinois Organ/Tissue Donor Program 
  •  McCormick Foundation 
  •  North Lawndale College Prep 
  •  Peterson Elementary School 
  •  Urban Alliance Chicago 
  •  Youth Guidance 

Resource Tables 

  •  DePaul MSW Program 
  •  DePaul College of Education, Dept. of Counseling and Special Education, Graduate  Counseling Programs 
  •  DePaul College of Education – Dept. of Education Policy Students and Research, Graduate  Social and Cultural Foundations in Education Program 
  •  DePaul Career Center 
  •  DePaul Graduate Admissions 
  •  DePaul Alumni Sharing Knowledge Program (ASK) 
  •  DePaul Student Counseling Organization (DSCO) 
  •  Finding Your Fit – Exploring Start Points with Populations, Places, and Positions (New!

We look forward to seeing you at the event! 

Bilingual Counselor Position at Bowen High School

Bowen High School Counselor Position Description

Under the direction of the school principal the elementary school counselor provides support in the school environment with duties and responsibilities that include but are not limited to the following:


• Formulating and instituting a comprehensive developmental school counseling program to assist students in developing realistic goals, positive self-images and an awareness of future academic, vocational and career opportunities.

• Implementing articulation and orientation activities to provide for the smooth transition of students from grade to grade and from school to school.

• Coordinating and organizing student assessment procedures, including but not limited to the citywide testing program, to provide information that can be used to improve the quality of the instructional program and provide insight and direction for the individual student in terms of educational and vocational decisions.

• Providing students with a career awareness and education program to help students realize vocational life is determined by a succession of choices beginning with school.

• Providing individual and group interventions to reveal student attitudes, feelings, interests, problems, available options and possible consequences to specific decisions to help students be successful in self-directed decision-making.

• Developing appropriate referral and resource services to assist students in utilizing both school and community resources to develop interests, skills, and opportunities.


All Teachers and Counselors new to the district are required to successfully complete the CPS Teacher Quality Pool.  Individuals not in the Pool will not be eligible for hire.  Information on this requirement is available on the CPS Careers page.

Applicants must have been awarded from an accredited college or university a master’s degree in guidance and counseling or a master’s degree for completion of an approved program in guidance consisting of 48 semester hours of coursework. Applicants must also hold a valid Type 73 State of Illinois School Service Personnel Certificate with an Endorsement Guidance. (Note: Certificate(s) must show a current registration date.)  Applicant must hold an ISBE Bilingual certificate

Interested applicants can submit resume materials directly to:
 C. Whitfield, BHS Assistant Principal

Monday, March 23, 2015

Counseling Course Prerequisites Simplifications

Attention students:

The Counseling faculty have recently done a complete review of all of the courses in the program. A key priority for faculty was to assist students in having more flexibility in creating programs of study. As a result, we have significantly simplified many prerequisite requirements for courses in the program. All of these updates are now shown on updated Program Planning Guides on the Counseling Program LiveBinder (http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=334209). 

What should you do?

Students are encouraged to review the updated Planning Guides with their course advisor.  Below is a list of the individual you should contact based on your concentration.