Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Job Posting: Ryder Math and Science

Ryder Math and Science is a Chicago Public School located on the south side of the city. We are seeking a special type of teacher.

Our school prides itself on demonstrating trust, respect, and collaboration.  Ryder’s teachers have created an atmosphere of high expectations; we expect our staff, students and parents to be partners in the educational process. 

Our school’s mantra, “Education is our purpose; excellence is our goal,” is recited daily to remind our community of the important work done every day of every school year.  We at Ryder believe learning is paramount in order to build strong, just communities.  Additionally, we believe in providing our students with the tools to lead the process of self-development and neighborhood improvement both locally and globally. 

If you know of any teacher candidates that enjoy learning, have a passion teaching, are lifelong learners, and are motivated by a conviction in the power of public education and a true desire to teach all students, please request they email their resume to me at Currently, we are looking to hire teachers for all grade levels and endorsements, including special needs classroom teachers.

Aaron Rucker

William H. Ryder Math & Science Specialty Elementary School
8716 South Wallace
Chicago, Illinois 60620
(773) 535-3843 Main

GSR# 49