Monday, May 1, 2017

DePaul Community-based Research Faculty Fellowship

 DePaul Community-based Research Faculty Fellowship


Deadline: May 8, 2017

The Steans Center seeks community-based research (CBR) proposals for the 2017-18 academic year. The community-based research project must satisfy the following criteria:

(a) involve the community (i.e., driven by the interests of a community/community organization),
(b) benefit the community (i.e., improve the quality of life for residents of a Chicago community),
(c) draw on the faculty member’s expertise, and
(d) advance the faculty member’s scholarship. 

The Center will fund up to three Community-based Research Faculty Fellows for 2017-18. Each Fellow will receive a $4,000 stipend (in two installments) and a funded research assistant for three academic quarters at a 25% appointment.  Additional funds will be provided for each Fellow and research assistant to present their research at an academic conference of their choice.   

A fellowship can be proposed by any DePaul University faculty member – tenured, tenure-track, or part-time/full-time contract faculty with ongoing teaching responsibilities. Adjunct instructors are not eligible.  Fellowship applications are encouraged from any discipline or academic profession.

NEW THIS YEAR: Past fellowship recipients may apply for a senior fellowship. Dates and criteria for the senior fellowship will be the same as for first-time applicants.

                        Evaluation Criteria

                        Proposal submissions will be judged based on the following criteria:

1.    Significance of the proposed research question(s)/pursuit;
2.    Strength of the partnership with a community-based organization;
3.    Level of involvement by the community partner (at a minimum, the research question(s) is defined in partnership with the Chicago partner; relevant community participation in other stages of the research process is strongly encouraged);
4.    The integration of some aspect of the research project (e.g., survey development, data collection, data analysis, etc.) into an undergraduate or graduate course taught by the Faculty Fellow during the 2017-18 academic year; and
5.    Potential for deriving scholarly products from the proposed project.

Additional Expectations

1.    A research report or working paper will be submitted to the community-based organization partner and the Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning;
2.    A paper proposal based on the research will be submitted to an academic conference of the Fellow’s choosing (the Steans Center will fund reasonable expenses for conference attendance for both the Fellow and the student research assistant) within a year of completion of the project. The Fellow is strongly encouraged to include the student research assistant as co-presenter.
3.    The Fellow will submit an article based on the research project to a peer-reviewed journal of their choice within one year of completing the project.  The Fellow is strongly encouraged to include the student research assistant as co-author on the article.
4.    The Fellow and/or her/his research assistant will make a presentation based on the research at a forum at the Fellow’s academic department as well as at a university-wide seminar organized by the Steans Center for faculty across the University.
5.    The research assistant must be a DePaul student from the faculty member’s department, school, or college.
6.    DePaul’s IRB must approve the research project.

                        Application Process

Submit proposals in MS Word format as an email attachment to Jeffrey Howard, Director of Faculty Development, Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning at:  A faculty review committee comprised of faculty experienced with community-based research methods will make recommendations and the Steans Center leadership will make the final decision. 


February 23, 2017      Disseminate CBR Call for Proposals  

April 25, 2016             Submit proposal draft to Jeffrey Howard for feedback (optional but suggested)

May 8, 2017                Final proposal due to Jeffrey Howard

June 8, 2017               Decisions announced

Aug/Sept 2017            Deadline to begin the project

September 2017          Send first installment of $2,000 to Fellows

January 31, 2018       Interim/Midterm report due to Jeffrey Howard

Academic Year17-18   Integration of some aspect of the research into a course taught by the Fellow

July 2018                    Complete the CBR project

July 31, 2018              Final Report (including the project description, outcomes, and specific plans for
submitting a conference proposal as well as an article submission in the next year) due to the community partner and Jeffrey Howard

August 2018                Send second installment of $2,000 to Fellows

Academic Year18-19   Conference presentation
                                                            Article submission to peer-reviewed journal

Spring 2019                Presentation about project at the Fellow’s Departmental Gathering and at a University-wide seminar hosted by the Steans Center

Proposal Structure

Project description should not exceed 7 double-spaced pages and include the following:

·         project abstract (3-5 sentences);

·         project rationale/statement of need;

·         research aims/goals;

·         research question(s) to be addressed in the cbr project;

·         theoretical foundations;

·         methods;

·         how the project articulates with the goals and objectives of the community-based organization partner;

·         brief description of the DePaul course that will involve students in some aspect of the community-based research project during academic year 2016-17 and how students will be involved;

·         timeline;

·         plans for submission of the research proposal to the University’s IRB; and

·         a short bibliography relevant to the research

As separate documents, submit the following as Word documents when submitting the proposal:

·         a job description for the research assistant (undergraduate or graduate)

·         a letter of support from the partnering community-based organization on their letterhead

·         the faculty member’s c.v.

For questions, please contact Jeffrey Howard at: