Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Peer Health Education Program Graduate Intern Needed

DEPARTMENT:                                      Office of Health Promotion and Wellness
JOB TITLE:                                             Peer Health Education Program Graduate Intern
SUPERVISOR:                                       Director, Office of Health Promotion and Wellness
DATE:                                                      February 9, 2015
General Summary:
The Peer Health Education Program is designed to provide health education on a variety of topics to the DePaul student body with the goal of enhancing long term healthy behaviors. The topics may include stress management, sexual and relationship violence prevention, alcohol and drug prevention, bystander intervention, sexual health, healthy relationships, mental health and nutrition. Ideally, students will reach their fullest potential both personally and academically during their time at DePaul.   Through the Peer Health Education Program, the Graduate Intern will assist in recruiting and training the peer health educators, as well as marketing and implementing the curriculum. The preferred candidate will have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning, and must be currently pursuing a Master’s degree at DePaul University. Finally, the Graduate Intern must both understand and fulfill the mission of the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness as a role model.  Some weekend and evening hours are also required. Office space in the Lincoln Park Student Center will be provided. 
Principal Duties and Responsibilities
·         Assist in the development of the DePaul  Peer Health Educator Program
·         Assist in the selection of the Peer Health Educators
·         Assist in the development of the training for the Peer Health Educators
·         Supervise 8-12  undergraduate Peer Health Educators
·         Assist in developing content for the curriculum
·         Coordinate the presentation schedule and assign educators to present
·         Assist in marketing of Peer Health Educator Program to generate interest in program campus-wide
·        Facilitate curriculum as needed
·         Facilitate weekly meetings with Peer Health Educators
·         Attend weekly supervision with HPW staff member
·         Develop and maintain content for website
·         Evaluate effectiveness of program
·         Develop authentic, engaged relationships with the educators so that the GI can serve as a resource in times of concern
·         Contact and book presenters to conduct professional development workshops as needed for educators throughout the academic year
·         Maintain and update necessary database information with current data
Education and Experience:
·         Bachelor’s degree required from an accredited university.
·         Knowledge of DePaul University’s prevention and support resources on campus

·         Proven commitment to health and wellness initiatives and education.
·         Professional and creative presentation skills
·         Excellent written communication skills.
·         Well-developed managerial and organizational skills.
·         Must be currently pursuing a Master’s degree at DePaul University.
·         Proficiency in SPSS (preferred)
·         Some management experience (preferred)

·         The Peer Educator Program Graduate Intern position is intended to be a yearlong appointment – 48 weeks/year
·          Required hours per week: 20 - 25hrs 

Mandatory Dates:
·         Involvement Fairs
·         April 10-11, 2015  training

·         $12.50/hour

To Apply go to Campus Job Board and submit the below information:

·         Cover letter
·         Resume
·         On a separate sheet of paper please answer the following questions:
1.       What positive characteristics/attributes would you bring to the Peer Health Educator Program?
2.       Imagine that you are talking to an incoming Freshman student.  What two separate pieces of advice would you give them, one regarding the use of alcohol and substances and one regarding the stress they may face in the upcoming year?  

Applications are due FEBRUARY 24TH AT 5PM.