Monday, November 3, 2014

Counselor Engagement Event at ICA Conference

Feeling undecided about your concentration?

The 2014 ICA Annual Conference takes place on NOVEMBER 14TH this year. The conference board is seeking 10 "college and between" students from all over Illinois, who are considering counseling careers, but are undecided on concentration. An application for the conference is required (see below). 10 students will be selected from the applicants. Normally, the conference costs $130, but because of incredible fundraising, scholarships for the conference have been allotted to all accepted, making the conference only $30 for each selected participant. Applications must be completed ASAP, seeing as the conference is rapidly approaching. Find more information and the application below:

ICA/CSI Counselor Engagement Event at the 2014 ICA Conference

Date: November 14, 2014
Time: 7:00am - 5:20pm
Location: Chicago Marriott Schaumburg (50 N Martingale Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173)
Participant Cost: $30
Number of Select Participants: 10
Application Information: Submit completed application forms to:
Contact: Matt Glowiak, MS, NCC, LPC at:
The Day at a Glance

7:00am: Main Conference Registration
7:30am: Continental Breakfast
8:00am: Conference Keynote - General Session for All Attendees
9:30am: Opening Session -- Orientation (50 minutes)
·         What is the counseling profession?
·         What opportunities exist?
·         What benefits exist for students and developing professionals who participate in ICA and/or CSI?
·         How does one find internships, develop specialties, etc.?
·         Pairing with volunteer mentors for the day
·         20-minute Q & A discussion panel with professionals: exploring the lifestyle, professional options, types of counseling
·         Orientation to the conference: getting the most from the experience
10:30am: Morning Content Session
·         Students identify and attend a content session of interest.
12:00pm: Lunch – Networking Opportunity for students
·         Students will have lunch together and an opportunity to network.
1:15pm: Afternoon Content Sessions
·         Students identify and attend two content sessions of interest.
4:30pm: Afternoon Session – Conclusion (50 minutes)
·         Discuss the experience
·         What did you see, hear, learn, experience?
·         Rate the experience
·         Discuss how to improve the experience
·         Next steps: what do you want or need to proceed?
·         Pairing for continued mentoring, etc.


ICA/CSI Counselor Engagement Event at the 2014 ICA Conference
Application Form
Event Date: November 14, 2014
Supporting faculty member:
Past volunteer/service work experience:

Please explain why you are interested in the counseling profession (no more than 250 words):

Please explain why you are interested in attending the Counselor Engagement Event at the 2014 ICA Conference (no more than 500 words):