Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Suder Montessori Elementary School Intern Opportunity

The Suder Montessori Elementary Library is a Chicago Public School looking for Interns to lead and teach units in their area of interest and expertise in our parent-volunteer run library. We are looking for candidates with strong skills in Poetry, Writing, Theatre, Performance, Music, Public Speaking, and Literacy. Candidates should be comfortable with children ages 10-14.

Duties and Expectations
  • Interns should have interest in teaching or in child development or in mentoring youth
  • Interns may wish to participate in event planning and other tasks instead of or in addition to the teaching sessions
  • Intern will commit to one orientation and a series of three in-service sessions
  • Interns will develop and facilitate content within a general framework established by the school, and in collaboration with each homeroom teacher
  • Interns will be responsible for development of an end product, either a final performance or book/chap book compilation or other creative exhibition of the children's accomplishments
  • Interns must commit to at least a full CPS quarter of continuous involvement (T/Th 1:30-4:00). Regular attendance is mandatory to maintain the integrity of the program
  • Interns will lead age appropriate activities, discussions, writing of prose, poetry, or skits, or practice performances during the 20 minutes of allotted instruction time, with the aid and support of the classroom teacher

Project Timeframe and Time Commitment
The school year at CPS begins September 2nd, 2014 and Programming will begin September 23rd. Orientation and Pre-service training will be provided by Suder Montessori Elementary School staff and DePaul University faculty prior to September 23rd TBD as mutual convenient with Interns.

Groups meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-4:00. Each session consists of 20 minutes of instruction for Grades 4-8 in 8 classes.

For more information and/or to indicate your interest, please contact Dr. Strohschen at or 312.523.5132