Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LPC licensure clarification and resources

Many of our students have questions about what is involved with getting the LPC licensure post graduation. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations is the entity that grants counselor licenses, either the LPC or the LCPC. Here are some tips and resources for you to check out.

The BEST and most comprehensive source of information about applying for the LPC and other licensure information is the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association, IMHCA website. Especially this page on licensure. You do not have to be a member of IMHCA to benefit from the resources they have available on their site. You can also contact IMHCA directly with licensure questions at myimhca@gmail.com. The IMHCA website on licensure notes that testing happens every month but it's invitation only and the only way to get an invitation is to apply to the Illinois board. 

  • Applying for the LPC requires the following 1) successful completion of specific coursework 2) successful completion of an internship, 3) successful passage of the NCE exam and 4) completion of a state licensure application through IDFPR.
  • Your core CSL courses (ethics, theories, skills, etc.) put all students on the path to qualify for LPC licensure. 
  • Community counseling students will graduate with all the necessary coursework and experiences that make them eligible to take the NCE and apply for the LPC.
  • School Counseling students must take 2 additional courses, CSL 466 and 556, in order to be eligible to take the NCE and apply for the LPC.
  • CSD students must take 3 additional courses, CSL 466, 556 and 489 in order to be eligible to take the NCE and apply for the LPC.
  • Hours accrued during any internship may count towards the LPC application however, NO internship hours can count later towards application for the LCPC.
  • If you obtain your LPC post graduation and opt to pursue your LCPC, you will need to meet a another set of requirements and take another exam.
  • DePaul is now an NCE test site thanks to Dr. Gnilka!