Thursday, February 9, 2017

Submit an Article for the Illinois Counseling Association CONTACT Newsletter

The deadline for submitting articles for the Illinois Counseling Association Spring CONTACT Newsletter is fast approaching. Articles are due by February 28, 2017. This is a good time to submit as we are still in need of a couple articles for Spring. If you can't get it ready for Spring, Summer CONTACT is around the corner. Deadline for submission is May 30, 2017.

Submission rules are below. Happy writing!

The deadlines for submission are:
Spring CONTACT (published May); submission deadline February 28, 2017
Summer CONTACT (published August); submission deadline May 30, 2017
Fall Illinois Counselor Magazine (published October); submission deadline June 15, 2017.
Winter CONTACT (published February); submission deadline November 30, 2017
The rules for submission are the same for all four publications.

Here are the submission rules:
1.      All articles are to be typed in Times New Roman 12pt font
2.      Submit as a Microsoft word attachment via email to
If you don’t use Microsoft word, send it as an rtf (rich text format). Most word processors handle this format. Do not submit copy inline in email. Include your phone number in the submission.
3.      If you make changes, resubmit the full manuscript, not just the changes.
4.      Include photo(s) and short biography (about 30 words) about the author(s).  
5.      Articles should be no more than 1000 words in length, not including title and bio.
6.      By submitting your article you are agreeing to have it edited by the Contact/Magazine editors. This can include changes to length, content, grammar, punctuation, etc.
7.      All authors will be notified via email if their submission was chosen with an attachment of the edited version that will be published
8.      All authors will be notified via email if their article was not chosen
9.      Any photos submitted with your article, including the bio photo, should be as high quality as possible. Low quality photos, such as might be used on the internet, are too grainy for print. In addition you must have the legal right to use the photo. Photos must be sent as a separate files, not embedded in the article.  We prefer jpeg format.
10.   Late submissions cannot be accepted for consideration in the pending issue. However, we invite article submissions of a non-timely nature at any time for consideration in the next issue.