Wednesday, April 6, 2016

School Counseling Advising Meeting for 1st Year Students and License-Only Students

This post is for all School Counseling students who are either near the end of the their first year or who are license-only students who will soon be taking the school counseling specific courses. You should have received an email about this as well. 

In order to best prepare you for the next year, we are holding a large group advising meeting on Wednesday April 20th from 4pm to 5pm in LL103. Please use this form to RSVP and answer a few questions. During this meeting we will be discussing the following:
  • First year progress and highlights
  • Fall registration
  • 2016-2017 planning
  • Tests: TAP (or ACT), 181
We encourage ALL identified students to attend this meeting so that you can receive important information and ask your questions. Please complete the form by Wednesday, April 13th.