Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More Summer and Fall Registration Information

Please see this week's earlier post with information about Fall registration as well as additional information below

CSL 513: Consultation (SUMMER) A second has been created due to a waitlist for the first section. Please register accordingly and note the dates as June 25th and July 9th.

CSL 521: Contextual Dimensions of School Counseling (FALL) This course is required for School Counseling students during their second year. Due to the number of students who need the course next year, we will only be offering it in the Fall. CSL 521 must be immediately followed by CSL 522 in the Winter. If you are an upcoming 2nd year School Counseling student or School Counseling license-only student, please plan to take CSL 521 in the Fall and CSL 522 in the Winter.

CSL 552: Practicum (FALL) Students who are eligible for Practicum next year will be manually enrolled by the department in these courses later in the summer. Time is needed to create the sections of these courses and to verify that all students have met the necessary prerequisites. Students will also be manually enrolled by the department for CSL 553 and CSL 554 once they have met the course requirements.

Summer registration Summer registration opened with Spring registration. If you have not yet registered for summer, you may do so at this time.

Please see your advisor with any questions you have.