Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Quarter Deadlines Including Add/Drop

CSL Students,

Please be aware of the following deadlines:

Sunday, April 3, 2016 is the last day for students to add a class within the add/drop window.  After this date, students will not be added to classes even if they have been attending the class (with very few exceptions).  Also, students must appear on your roster in order to be officially enrolled in your class, so beginning week 2 of the term, any student not on your roster should not be attending.

Sunday, April 10 is the last day to drop a class without penalty (no tuition charge and no record of the class on transcripts).  Students who withdraw between April 11 and May 15 will receive a “W” grade and will be responsible for applicable tuition charges.

Sunday, May 15 is the last day to withdraw from a class and receive a “W” grade.  After this date, students should receive whatever grade they earn for the class.

Monday, May 30 will be a university holiday.  The university will be closed; instructors of affected courses will need to accommodate this in your course calendars. 

These deadlines can be found on the University Academic Calendars posted here: