Monday, May 11, 2015

Outstanding Faculty Nominations

Attention DePaul students:
DePaul ENGAGE is a network of DePaul staff, faculty and departments interested in fostering and supporting your learning and growth as socially responsible leaders during your time at DePaul.
Each year,  we recognize faculty who have made a significant impact and contribution to your learning in this light.   In other words, consider:
·         Which professors have challenged and encouraged you to think about your life, career, and profession as a meaningful way to serve the broader society and the common good?
·         Which professors have helped you to gain a deeper understanding of DePaul’s Vincentian mission and of your vocation and responsibility to the broader society and world? 
You are encouraged at this time to nominate a DePaul professor who has done so through their teaching, their mentorship and support, and through the ways they’ve challenged you to grow in the Vincentian spirit of DePaul in thought and action.  We would appreciate your nomination so that we can recognize their good work at our annual DePaul ENGAGE Faculty Recognition event.
All student nominators who fully complete the nomination form and all nominated faculty members will be invited to this special recognition event in their honor.  A complete nomination will just take a minute or two and will include:  your name, the professor’s name, any particularly impactful class taught by this professor, a brief 2-3 sentence rationale for your nomination, and an RSVP whether you will attend the event.
Nominations are due:    Thursday, May 14th, 2015.