Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Don't Forget to Register for Summer Too!

With registration opening for Fall 2015 soon, we want to remind you to make sure you are also registered for summer classes. This is especially true of our CSL students who have just started with us this Spring quarter. There are several courses being offered that are at low numbers and thus at risk of being cancelled. Most of these courses are for students who are new and in their first few quarters of the program.

For Fall registration that begins May 4th, please remember to go online and register as close to your appointment time as possible so that you have the greatest chance of getting into the courses you need. See the CSL Student LiveBinder for program information and if you have any questions, please contact the advisor for your concentration.

Nancy Hashimoto for CMH
Dr. Whitney for CSD
Dr. Tovar-Murray for SCH