Friday, March 13, 2015

CFBNP Guide to College Enrollment for High School Students

The Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships (CFBNP) at the U.S. Department of Education is pleased to share this comprehensive step-by-step guide to the college enrollment and financial aid process for high school students

This guide serves as an invitation to you as our nation’s faith leaders, neighborhood associations, and community-based nonprofits—both secular and faith-based—to join us in strengthening our students’ pursuit of higher education.  You can help create a culture of success in your community. Education provides a critical pathway to success for individuals and families, and partnerships between schools and community organizations can help to ensure it for all students.  It is through working in partnerships with organizations, such as yours, that the federal government accomplishes amazing things on behalf of our students’ education.

Did You Know?

The United States once ranked #1 globally in the percentage of students completing college. We have now dropped to #12. This has motivated President Obama to advance the goal that by 2020, the U.S. will once again have the highest rate of postsecondary attainment in the world.  CFBNP continues to share research and practices that help students not only attend college but complete college with a degree.

What’s Inside?

This guide provides materials to assist you in becoming active stakeholders in promoting college access and completion. Each section provides background information and suggestions of ways that you can become involved in promoting college access and completion. We invite you to work with us to inspire and motivate young people to take control of their education. This guide is available for online distribution and printing at


How You Can Help

•  Join our email list and follow us on social media at

•  Identify an individual to serve as your education liaison with our center.

•  Use this guide to promote college access and completion.

•  Develop a communication plan within your organization to encourage a culture of academic excellence.

•  Host events to highlight college access and completion.