Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bradford Woods Summer Opportunity!

CSL students, this opportunity was shared by the Dean of the College of Education. Though directed at Special Education folks, Counseling students might also make a good fit given the camp's therapeutic focus. It's a ways out until summer 2015 but it is an opportunity to consider if you know you will have the time and want to commit to something that will be a good addition to your resume.

My name is Lisa Elder. I am the Assistant Director in the Recreation Therapy Department at Bradford Woods in Martinsville, Indiana. Bradford Woods is Indiana University's Outdoor Center (housed within the Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies Department) and supported by the Riley Children's Foundation and Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

Bradford Woods operates 10 weeks of summer camp for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses including campers with Down syndrome, autism, cancer, sickle cell anemia, cerebral palsy, cranial facial anomalies, hearing loss, various physical disabilities, rare genetic disorders and muscular dystrophy.

We hire a staff of 80+ individuals and are currently recruiting for the summer of 2015. Bradford Woods has proven to be an excellent opportunity for students in the fields of Special Education.  Your students will receive hands-on experience and extensive training.  Bradford Woods has also served as an internship and practicum site for many students. We welcome the opportunity to examine this type of partnership with the professors and students within your department.

Because of the strong therapeutic recreation mindset of Bradford Woods, it is my desire to fill our summer camp positions with people who see the need and importance of therapeutic activities and adaptive recreation. We hope that you will promote your students to apply for our Cabin Head and Cabin Staff positions for the summer 2015 at Bradford Woods.  We seek to not only provide a great experience for our campers, but also want to help students develop their skills and professional philosophies while also gaining knowledge of numerous populations of campers in a high energy camp setting.

Please read and share the information and attachments in this e-mail with students, other faculty and anyone you feel would appreciate this opportunity. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call me personally at lrelder@indiana.edu or 765-349-1086 x5213 or visit our website at http://www.bradwoods.org/program-areas-2/recreation-therapy/get-involved/.   

Thank you for your time,

Lisa Elder, CTRS

Assistant Director, Recreation Therapy

Bradford Woods                                                Direct Line: 765-349-5135 Ext. 5213
Indiana University                                             Administration Office: 765-342-2915
5040 State Road 67 North                               Fax: 765-349-1086
Martinsville, Indiana 46151                            http://www.bradwoods.org