Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Attention all CSL students who are not entering into practicum and internship next year (fall 2014). If you have or will successfully complete the following courses by the end of this spring term, I want to consult with you about taking the practicum course this fall (fall 2014) in the Education and Counseling Center (ECC). These courses are CSL 451, 452, 501, 467, 510, 458, and 454 or 475. Please contact me asap through email at

As you may know, the CSL program is transitioning the training for practicum class to the ECC and away from an outside site. What the faculty are doing is removing CSL 552 from the sequence of CSL 553 and 554. This only applies to newer students in the program. You will get intensive training in the ECC instead of in a an agency, school, or university. You will still do your internship year in one of those sites, but your first hands on training through CSL 552 will be supervised "in house" here.

I am aware that registration begins on Monday. So please contact me right away. We have scheduled at least one practicum course specifically for this purpose for the fall. It has a maximum capacity of six (6) students and will be taught by me, Dr. Whitman. If many of you are eligible, we can open another section.

Thanks, and feel free to contact me with questions.

Best, Dr. Whitman