Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Illinois, CSL and CACREP

An article in the Illinois Counselor Magazine does a good job of explaining the state's stance on CACREP. There are no states that require completion of a CACREP program for licensure. Rest assured, our program is CACREP aligned and in fact, it offers things that some CACREP programs cannot such as highly experienced faculty with diverse degrees who have been in the field, flexibility in course offerings and faculty hires, and a new counseling training center that provides service to the community. Our pursuit of CACREP is always on the table and a topic that we discuss frequently. It's more than just an accreditation, it's a lengthy process, a very expensive one, and one that often challenges the philosophy of what we believe makes the best counseling practitioners. Students are always welcome to ask questions. You can read the article by downloading it HERE.