Saturday, February 23, 2013

Updates and Changes to CSLNews

Recently the CSL faculty have learned that students vary in the way they prefer to receive CSLNews. While some prefer getting their news through social media, others prefer traditional email and some prefer a combination of formats. Ultimately it's important for all CSL students to receive a variety of news items like program changes and deadlines, training and professional development opportunities and job postings. We recognize that the more information our students have, the more prepared they can be and the more competitive they are in the job market.

Thanks to the brilliant mind of one of CSL's own, Melissa Sherman, graduate assistant and Community Counseling student, she and Dr. Mason think they have arrived at a solution that will meet everyone's needs while also driving traffic to the LiveBinder where students can have ready access to program information every time they view CSLNews. Here's what you need to know:

1. This blog will be the central repository for all CSLNews items and it serves as the "front page" of our CSL LiveBinder (student handbook).

2. CSLNews will be pushed out to students every other week during the quarter through an email reminder that will link you to this blog where you can read the latest news. If you want to receive these reminder emails, and are not already signed up, make sure to send an email to with "subscribe" in the subject line. As an alternative, you can complete the "follow by email" box on the right hand side of the blog to receive updates.

3. For those who prefer to get their news via social media, CSLNews posts are automatically syndicated to Facebook and Twitter.

4. CSLNews will take on a new, easier to read, bullet-point format that will have few graphics and incorporate links that can be clicked for more information on items (see the bottom of this post for a sample preview). Faculty will use the blog for special or extended posts (like this post) when needed and additional emails will be sent out with a link to the blog for further reading.

5. All previous CSLNews posts will be saved on this blog in case you want to read earlier posts you may have missed.

Here is a preview of the kind of format CSLNews will use starting in Spring Quarter. We hope you'll like the changes!

Spring 2013: April 1-8

Welcome to Spring Quarter 2013, CSL! We extend a special welcome to our NEW students as they start the program! Here are the CSLNews items for this week:
  • A CSL student's reflection on Advocacy Day: <link>
  • Job Opening: <link>