Friday, January 4, 2013

International School Counseling Jobs

Considering a future in school counseling overseas?! Believe it or not, we have had 2 recent grads who have done just that and are working in schools in Dubai and Tokyo! Read below for information shared by our Dubai grad, Maddy, on how to get started:

"As far as the timeline, in MOST cases (NOT ALL), most schools begin going around the world (literally) in January having recruitment fairs in different countries/states and hired their faculty for next year. For your reference, usually the hiring process for international school positions begins in November and ends around April. However, there are still jobs out there and you can find some by reaching out directly to the schools earlier.

For beginners, an interested applicant may want to join and start exploring what's out there with these different avenues:

1. The International Educator-low yearly fee to join but you can search for new international school counseling jobs posted daily (and apply directly to the schools):

2. Joy again, low yearly fee to join, new international school positions posted daily (which you can apply directly to).

3. UNI International School Fair-Out of all the international recruiting fairs/organizations, this is the only non-profit one, and in my opinion and research, the best one (this is the one I attended, and landed a job with, in Feb):

The two other lead players in the "international recruiting fairs/organizations" are (you can google them):

4. International School Services

5. Search Associates

Personally, I'm not a fan of those two organizations because their fees to attend the shows, as well as their memberships, are unreasonably high and reviews about the shows they hold in different states have not been impressive. However, to each their own. One can check them out and definitely make up their own mind, as to how they like them.

6. This link has a directory of all the international schools sorted by country (scroll down).

Hope this info. helps you in anyone's search of landing their dream
job overseas."