Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clarification on TAP waivers using the ACT

Students that want to apply for the TAP waiver by using their ACT scores need to meet the following:

1.       Must complete ACT plus writing.  The regular ACT test will not be accepted; it must be the   ACT plus writing.  Students that have not taken the writing portion would be required to retake the entire test and take the ACT plus writing.

2.       Composite score on the ACT must be 22 or higher.

3.       Submit form 73-60 to Nancy Hashimoto ( in the Academic Advising office and she will verify that they are admitted to the education preparation program. This must be the ORIGINAL, SIGNED document, not a scanned or emailed copy.

4.       Send the ACT scores to ISBE and DePaul.  If the scores have previously been sent to DePaul they do not need to be resent.  Students must use code “3001” to send scores to ISBE.  ISBE prefers to receive the 73-60 form before they receive the ACT scores.

5.       ACT test cannot be more than 10 years old at the time that ISBE receives both the 73-60 and the ACT scores.

ISBE will not provide any form of notification regarding the waiver (no confirmation of receipt of form or scores, no notification that waiver was denied or granted).  Students need to create an account on ECS ( and if the waiver is granted it will appear under “My Credentials” and “Tests” after a processing period of 2-3 weeks.

Link to ACT site to request scores -

Info about the ACT plus writing test -