Saturday, August 4, 2012

Welcome to the new DePaulCSLNews Blog!

Welcome to the new DePaulCSLNews Blog! In previous years our program has worked to provide students regular information that is relevant to them:

  • changes in course offerings
  • volunteer opportunities
  • job openings
  • deadlines for practicum and internship
  • testing requirements and info
  • etc.

We continue to share this information with current students as well as alumni. In the past CSLNews has been done via email making it difficult to keep up with the turnover of students and changes in email addresses. While we'll still be sending the old CLSNews via email for a while, we aim to transition to this blog for CSLNews in the future so follow it or subscribe to its posts. All current students are required to follow CSLNews in some format so that they have the most up to date information.