Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reminders for 2012-2013 CSL Interns

Who's ready for internship?!?! We look forward to seeing all CC, CSD and SC students who are starting internship this year on Wed. August 29th from 5:30-7:30pm in SAC 254 for the internship kickoff!

During the kickoff CSL faculty will present information for all interns and then there will be time in concentrations as well as time to meet your DePaul supervisor.

Here are a few things going into the kickoff:

  • A few sections are still being finalized to best accommodate students' and supervisors' schedules. If you have questions or concerns, contact. Dr. Tovar-Murray
  • Name change! What has been previously called the "clinical phase" is now called "professional practice" so you will likely see this new language around in the Fall. This is to be more inclusive of all concentrations, and to be more consistent with other counseling programs and accrediting bodies. Dr. Tovar-Murray is the Professional Practice Advisor and is the point of contact for all interns for issues beyond those which can be handled by you and your site supervisor or DePaul supervisor.
  • For those who have already been working at your sites, only 10 hours of any indirect service already performed at your site may count towards practicum hours. Indirect hours may not include direct contact with clients or students and consists of hours such as professional development, program planning, training, attendance at events, etc.
  • Get organized! You will be keeping track of your hours on site as well as many documents (permissions to tape, consents, notes, case study write-ups, goals, reports, etc.) so figure out the system that works best for you now.
See you on the 29th!